Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Phantom Animals

Here are my concept drawings for some mutated ghost animals in an episode of Danny Phantom entitled "Maternal Instinct."
These were done for the storyboard artists to have something to work with. They look pretty much the same in the final episode but they are colored bright neon green.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


My website: (named after the tugboat in my comic,) uses these owls as navigation buttons. The images on the site are cleaned up and colored in photoshop. This image was my initial color pass done in marker and colored pencil. I thought they would be good enough to use on the website, but ended up being a little too rough for the uses I needed them for.


Here's a study for a lion statue for the front of a library in my comic. It's based off the lions at the Oshkosh Public Library.

Page 3 in color

Here's page 3 of Seaweed and "A Cure for Mildew" I left off the dialog. I'm hoping to have this thing ready to print by next fall.

Blackjaw Macaw

Here's a character from my comic book Seaweed, which is still being made. I have all 64 pages drawn in blue and about 10 inked and colored. I'll post some images from it later.

Lord of the Rings

Here's a couple designs from Fellowship of the Ring. I originally intended to draw all 9 but I got bored of the project. I had no intention of showing my own ideas for the characters but merely drew these as a rabid fan of the movies.


Here's a killer whale I drew for a show my good buddies Shannon Tindle, Shane Prigmore, and Andy Schuler were pitching. You can see the Amazing Designs of Shannon on his blog Shane and Andy are equal art studs but have yet to grace us all with their talent via a blog. I'll post their emails later so we can all get on their cases to share their wicked talent with the world.