Monday, March 24, 2008

@#$%**!! YAH!!!

Great news ya'll! Today, (After 6 years of work,) I sent the files to be printed for my first graphic novel, "Seaweed and A Cure for Mildew"! To celebrate I'm posting a compilation of all the cartoon curse words that appear in the book. The book is going to be HUGE!! I'm talking 12" x 15", full - color, hard cover with a cloth spine. It's got 40 pages of story and 24 pages of sketches, designs and development all printed on insanely heavy paper stock! I've gotten a tremendous amount questions about the release date for the book so it's awesome that I can finally respond with an answer. The books should all be printed and in my hands by this June! I'll have info posted as soon as a hard date is available and info on how you can buy one. In the mean time I hope you have fun reading these words out loud!

Friday, March 07, 2008

"Let Your Hare Down" designs

A new episode of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" aired last night so I thought I'd show you some designs.

Here's a bull that Bloo rides. I tried to make him more of an American "bull-riding" steer and not the standard "Bully for Bugs" Spanish Black bull. He ended up being black in the final show anyway.

Here's a "Ben Franklin" action figure that Craig told me to make look like a "He-Man" style figure. Of course I had a "Merman" figure sitting on my drawing desk at home so I could try and get some authenticity. I also have "Trapjaw" but I didn't use him. Of course true He-Man aficionados will note the extra joints and rivets in Ben's arms but I thought it helped sell the image as a figure and not an actual character. Also I tried to add a slight discoloring to the arms as if it were made from different plastic then the chest. Obviously I spent too much time thinking about this.

Here's a burro that I don't think made it into the show.

And finally a crowd of angry Mexicans who run through a scene almost faster than the human eye can see.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Book Review

Not that
  • Stephen Silver
  • needs my help to promote anything for him, but I felt compelled after reading his latest book, entitled "Life" to share my admiration for said project. Beautiful life drawings and the often overlooked transition to a finished cartoon adorn this well crafted book. I'd also like to add that it smells really good, (the way all art books should.) If your thinking of buying it I'd suggest you hop to it cause he printed a surprisingly short run. Here's a drawing I did of Silver as a publishing "FAT CAT" after he published his first book, "The Art of Silver."